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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Mr. Prakash and Ms.Punitha

I am a recent patron to your exhibit in Dato Keramat, Pulau Pinang. I am a lifelong enthusiast of historical and cultural antique memorabilia and owned several pieces myself. I am impressed with your collection and have vehemently recommended it to several like minded friends of mine. I believe that your collection is an excellent representation of Penang Island's rich and vast cultural history. In particular I was very interested with your Indian cultural antiques on display in your collection. I have always found my knowledge on this area of Penang's culture, hence visiting your collection has certainly opened my eyes to the richness of this fascinating aspect of Penang. I commend you on your efforts, and will certainly be visiting your collection again. Cheers and all the best!!!

Kumaran Sandra
Branch Manager
Mupah Holidays Sdn Bhd
(O) 04-2618687
(M) 0124954093

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