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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wooden Clog

This is a pair of wooden clogs, which was being used around early 19th century or even earlier than that. The size of this clogs are big which means the people back then have bigger and stronger feet. The toe lock was made from silver and it was taken to confirmed by a silver smith.

The clogs were originated from the Baba Nyonya culture and it was adapted by the Indians. This clog indicates that it was from a wealthy individual. To proof that, the silver toe lock. The condition of this pair of clog is in good condition. It was bought in Penang from an antique seller. There is no indication of markings on it.

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  1. Its amazing to find out exactly the same thing we had in my country, Maldives. I have never seen this for real, but always liked to, a good reason to visit your exhibition. What's so special about this clog is that it was only allowed to be worn by high ranked government officials and royal family, by law. By the way, I still wonder how comfortable is it to wear.. :D