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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Typical Indian men

This photo was taken in Singapore studio, between 1920's to 1930's.

The men in this photo shows a different kind of attire and stature in the Tamil society. As seen in previous photographs, they wore attire that symbolizes their status and wealth in the community. Here, these men streak ashes across part of their bodies, and you can see it clearly across their abdomen. At the hip, you can see they attach a bunch of keys. Usually the women will be keeping them instead of men. In both hands, each holding a white handkerchief and umbrella. In this photo, these men could be related to each other or they came from the same community. The background of the studio is of the typical one that's common in that era. This group could have been a wealthy ones to afford to take their photographs in the studio.

An important note: Normally this photos will be sent to their relatives staying in another place (country), to show their living life style and status in the community.

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