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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Milk / Water Container

The Tamil community in South India would carry this container filled in with milk or water wherever they go This type of enamel pot was made in Chekozslovakia and Austria in the early 1940's. In this particular photo, the two containers was made from Chekozslovakia. Enamel is a glass powder which is reproduced to become harder hence it is called "enamel". The flower on the pot was embossed and you can actually feel the texture of the flowers. It was of a very quality kitchen ware back in those days and not all people can afford to own this. In Malaya, the Nyonya community used this as their daily kitchen ware and followed by other wealthy community. The enamel containers was found in an Indian house in Ipoh and Tamil inscription of a family name was written on it.

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