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Friday, July 1, 2011

Memories Moment

The date of the photo was taken, February 18th, 1925 in Kuala Lumpur. The man wearing white colour jacket must be a well known man. Some of my photo collections, the man in white coat appears and the other man must be traders who are also well heeled individuals.

According to the antique seller/experts, they mention that it is very rare to obtain photos of Indians in Malaya because not all Indian's afford to go studio to have their pictures taken.

Take a look at the women wearing sarees and the blouse (rowkeai) is not the same as the current ones. It is a full neck rowkeai. Their accessories too are different and not wearing chapal (slipper).

From what I observe, this family could have been a Indian Christian. The reason why I say this it is because the women are not wearing their kum kum (pottu) on their foreheads as seen on most Indian women.

It was proved with another photo found on the same family. The front linen stated that "T.M.S Josephine".

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