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Monday, September 5, 2011


Pallanguli is played in the Southern India. Traditional game for India and favourite game for Tamil community. It is called the gambling game by men and favourite game for ladies.The board has 14 cups with each player controlling seven. In each cup six seeds are placed. To play the game, players lift the seeds and distribute one seed in each hole. If the seeds are finished, the player goes on to his opponent’s side of the board. If the seed fall into a cup with an empty cup beyond, the seeds in the cup beyond the empty hole are captured by the player and put into his store.These two pieces pallanguli was used in 1940's era and made from teak wood. It is very heavy for its size and available in multi sizes and made from different form of products, example made from brass, wood, marble and so on. Type of seeds used to play this game normally cowrie or seashell, tamarind seed or others.

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