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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tamil Treasure

To me, this Blog, http://tamil-treasure.blogspot.com/ is a very interesting and useful blog.

One thing very interesting about this blog is that it contains many post that is dedicated to these tamil treasures.

It allows us to know more about these artifacts and every single post has it own values.

Bits and pieces of the past are slowly patch up in this particular blog.

Each and every single item displayed there has its own story.

And every story has its own definite meaning to it.

I find it very interesting because not only it provides as a good reference, it also allows me to learn more about the culture of the Tamil community.

The layout of it is very eye-captivating and it attracts me, in doing so, I have been browsing through this website.

The more I learn about these, the more interested i am.

I believe that this blog is a good start into introducing the Tamil culture and its' history to all.


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