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Monday, August 15, 2011

Many Many Congratulation From Me!!!

Dear Mr.Prakash and Ms.Punita,
I have read through you guys blogs and see the treasurers that both of you collected and OMG..I didnt know such hobby really interest you until finally a place will be allocate for you! Anyway, it seems worth to spent hundred thousands of RM into it.Im gladly congratulate both of you for this effort. I must say,I have been travelling throughout Malaysia and even some of Asian countries and this is perhaps the 1st one that have many many Indian treasurers! Impressive and very good effort Mr Prakash. U should buy more insurance now.Email me when you hits 1,000,000 viewers on your blog. And promote it Tourism Malaysia! Seriously, for us, tourism people, we need more stakeholders like this...that work hard first without taking government fund to begin. You must promote it TM. And dont forget to invite me when the the place launch!


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