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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ivory Clog

Wooden clogs was originally from Baba Nyonya communities. In their language they called it as "terompah". Usually used to wear in the kitchen. We did posted a pair of wooden clogs with silver knob fixed at the front of each clogs, for the wearer to grip using the toes. This one was specially made for an individual and used "IVORY" instead with a silver knob. This person must be very wealthy to be able to afford to buy the ivory for his clogs. According to the seller, this was owned by a Chettiar and used by him. He mentioned this was used in 1920's era and some antique expert told us even this was used earlier. When we visited the "Peranakan Museum" in Singapore, we saw one pair of wooden clogs in their kitchen.Very rare items available under the antiques section. It can be considered as one of Museum piece.

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