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Friday, July 8, 2011

Murukku Maker "Murukku Ural"

The tools in the picture here was used to make murukku in conjunction with their Tamil New Year festival called "Diwali Celebration". It was made from brass and followed by wooden ones. In this murukku tools, it is equipped with different types of mould (in the second picture) to make murukku. Those days, murukku was made by hand. Later on, they became more concerned with hygiene and they finally invented this kitchen wares. In the current trend, hardly people use this type of murukku making tool as it is used to press the dough every time they refill it. The latest tool was introduced is the type which can be used easily and it is also convenient. This murukku making tool was originated from South India (Tamil Nadu) and this Tamil snack is made from rice flour. To experience the making of murukku, you can visit Little India in Penang. Some of the murukku maker is in my collection with Tamil inscription on it.

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