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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goldsmith Platfrom

This wooden platform or called "Aasari Petti" in Tamil language was used by a goldsmith or "Pathar" in Tamil language to do design or shape the gold into lady's accessories. Every morning after they take their bath and complete their daily prayer, they will start their work. This platform also can consider as an important tools and it must be kept clean. They believe before starting their work daily, this platform must be worshipped then only start working on their job.

I bought this in Penang from a goldsmith and all the tools I got from another goldsmith who went back to India. No one currently no longer using this designing platform because they can't cope to cross their legs every time they sit cross legged on the floor. Current practice is that they now change to the table type where they sit using a chair. To have a personal experience in this, you may want to visit Little India (Market Street) Penang.

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