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Friday, July 1, 2011

Money Lenders

1909's (stated on the photo) photo taken in Malacca, is also one of our Malaya's historic. Their attire shows their full custom of a typical Indian money lenders. These men has their name printed on this photo. In the chettiar community, by looking at their attire, as mentioned earlier, they could be money lenders. The British brought these people from India for trading purposes. They live in a prosperous lifestyle by having to observe their appearance to the society back then. The jewellery or their accessories can be seen clearly in shinning gold although this picture was taken in 1909. It was never been tampered by Photoshop or any picture software. We bought it as original as it was and scanned it over for us to show the quality of the photo taken at that time. It is a remarkable piece of work.

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